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Why we are making a Difference

The traditional education system in India is flawed and outdated, neglecting the development of critical thinking and practical skills required by the industry. This leaves students unprepared for their future careers and limits their opportunities. Our mission is to provide quality education and resources that equip students with the essential skills to thrive in today’s world.

How we are making a Difference

Transforming education in India is our mission at Think School. With an innovative online learning platform, we’re reshaping the old and welcoming the new. Our approach focuses on teaching through practical storytelling and real-life examples, which creates a learning environment that fosters creativity and critical thinking.

What sets us apart to make a difference

Courses designed to make you ready for the world

Our courses are made by experts, using real-world examples and storytelling to teach you important skills that help you earn more money. You can learn anytime, anywhere, and connect with like-minded people who share your passion for personal growth.

Thought-Provoking articles on Business and Geopolitics

Discover interesting and easy-to-read articles that explore the world of business and geopolitics with real-life examples. Our well-researched articles provide a fresh perspective and a deeper understanding of how things work in the world.

Video Case studies that no Business School will teach you:

Expand your knowledge of the world of business and geopolitics with in-depth video analysis dissecting hot topics that affect your everyday life, to provide valuable insights that no business school can teach you.

From Struggles to Success:

The Journey of Think School

Mission: Employability

We started with a mission to help 100 engineering students become "job-ready"

Day 1
Day 34

The “Real” Think School Begins

With just 25 students and a rented classroom in Pune, Think School started it’s journey.

Social Media Debut

Started documenting our journey on Instagram, sharing exclusive content on must-have skills for every graduating student.

Day 40
Day 145

Rapid Student Growth

Within 100 days, our career-focused courses attracted over 750+ students in Think School and engineering colleges in Pune.

First Online Course

Created our first online course “Communication Masterclass” to teach confident and effective speaking.

Day 302

Lockdown forced us to make a tough choice: close our doors or move online. We stepped up to the challenge, and created a new digital school for our students.

From Offline to Digital Triumph

Started with 1-day online workshops. It was such a hit that we went on to take 12 workshops helping over 2300+ students!

Day 435
DAY 630

Workshops to Masterclasses

We crafted our online workshops into pre-recorded courses to make it accessible for anyone, at anytime, and from anywhere.

YouTube Journey begins!

Started teaching on YouTube publishing 2 videos/week on business & geopolitics case studies and still continue to do so!

Day 742
DAY 1072

A Milestone Moment: 1M

In less than 11 months, we reached 1 Million subscribers and with constant improvements, leveled up our content and video production quality.

Empowering Education Together

We were invited to have an insightful conversation with the BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP, Dr. Vinay Sahasrabuddhe, about our education system and government policies.

Day 1088
Day 1313

Entered the 2M Club

In just 6 months we doubled our YouTube family crossing the 2 Million milestone, with an incredible journey filled with unforgettable moments, learning, and amazing support from our students.

Breaking Boundaries

We've crossed the 3 million mark! We have a big surprise in store. Stay tuned for updates on our new-age digital school!


Today with 10 team members we have added 30 lakh people to our family




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