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The Story of Lijjat Papad
This is an extraordinary story of 7 ordinary women, who had no background...
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How Saffola got 80% market share
Saffola is one of the most legendary companies in Indian business...
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OLA is Failing
OLA is one of the most revolutionary companies in the Indian Business...
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How did Maggi become a household name in India?
Maggi is one of the most iconic brands in Indian business history!...
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How the US Funds Terror
Ever since the Russia-Ukraine war started, you would have seen politicians...
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Ed Tech Crash
In the past few months, too many people have been laid off from the...
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Currency Devaluation
In the month of July 2022, the Indian Rupee hit a nine-month low...
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'Buy Now Pay Later' Industry
In the past 2 years, the ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ Industry...
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How Japan Revived its Economy to become a Developed Nation in just 23 years
Japan is one of the most incredible nations of the 21st Century,...
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Case Studies

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